Kalimpong Tourist Places

Once a part of an entirely different country or rather two countries,
Kalimpong now is located in the state of West Bengal, India. The name Kalimpong is derived from the Tibetan words ‘kalon’ meaning Kings ministers and ‘pong’ meaning stockade however precise etymology suggests its literal meaning to be “Land of the Kings”.

Located at an elevation of about 1250 metres above sea level Kalimpong is a hill station that lies in the Mahabharat Range which is also known as the lesser Himalayas. This hill station in its erstwhile days was a major trading route between India and Tibet. However with the annexation of Tibet this trading route has been closed down.

The hill station is perched on a ridge that overlooks Teesta River which is one of the biggest and fast flowing tributary that feeds the mighty Brahmaputra. The ideal weather conditions and climate of this hill station draws scores of tourists to it every year. 

Owing to its warmer conditions than that of the neighbouring hill station of Darjeeling it has thrived in the field of Horticulture. The sheer number of plant nurseries and the diversity of flora reared in them is something that will definitely amaze you. There are high numbers of places of tourist interest in this hill station and some of the most famed ones among them are:-

- this is the highest point of the hill station and is popular among the locals as well as the tourists. It towers at a staggering height 1914 metres and offers breathtaking views of the valleys and ridges below. It also has an overlooking view of the town and houses water reservoirs that quench the thirst of the locals.

Monasteries- there are a high number of monasteries that have been built here and some them are over 3 centuries old. These monasteries are of the Tibetan Buddhism sect and the aura that envelopes them will surely bring peace to you. 
Among the many monasteries that established here the Thongsha Monastery is the oldest one and dates back to the year of 1692. This monastery was built when the hillstation was still under Bhutans rule. This monastery should be visited and blessings be received when in Kalimpong.

Durpin Dara- this is another view point. This place provides panoramic view of the Kanchendzonga range on the northwestern side while on the east one can see the Chola range. One can also catch mesmerizing views of the widespread plains of Siliguri and the fast flowing Teesta River cutting through the valleys below. The Durpin dara also houses an army golf course where one can often see officers teeing off.

Lava- this place is located at a distance of about 34 kilometers away from town and is located at an elevation of 2350 metres. Nature exploration is one of the pleasures to indulge in when here. This place also has a historical significance as this is the route that in the olden day’s traders used to travel through to reach Tibet. The Bhutanese origin monasteries and a Nature interpretation centre are not to be missed out on when on an excursion to Lava.

Nurseries- the diversity of flora that one can find in this hill station never ceases to amaze a fellow tourist. One should visit the numerable nurseries that are blooming almost all the year round with exotic flowers such as orchids, angelias, rare cacti etc.
Other than the above mentioned places there are many more waiting to be uncovered and visited in this wondrous hill station of Kalimpong.