Sunrise at Tiger Hill

Sun rise in Tiger Hills
  Sunrise at tiger hill, holidays in Darjeeling. The pride of North Eastern Tourism, Darjeeling is no doubt one of the best places to spend your holidays. Lying on the lap of majestic Mount Kanchenjunga, the scenic natural splendour of this tiny hill station will leave you spell bound. Majorly famous for its beautiful tea plantations, rich flora and fauna and cold weather, the hill station proudly boasts on her nickname The Queen of Hills.

   There are of course various beautiful places to visit in Darjeeling but this article is just a guide to two of the top tourist spots in the hill station

 Among the various tourist attractions in Darjeeling, tiger hill is certainly on the top ten spot of the holidaymakers. Situated at an altitude of 8482 feet, it is the highest point in the whole of Darjeeling. Sunrise at Tiger Hill (readmore) is what people want to see when they are in the hill station. This is no ordinary sunrise because the way Kanchenjunga changes its colours when the first sun rays hit the snow capped mountain is just marvellous. First the white giant turns red when the sun rises behind it, then slowly it turns orange, then gold and finally white. 

This splendid view can be enjoyed early in the morning at around 4 am from Tiger hill or known as Sunrise point. So you need to reach the place at time. Hiring a local taxi is the best way to reach here. Moreover, you can also have a good time here during the day by enjoying the mesmerizing view of the hills and valleys. This place is also an ideal place for picnic. Delicious local cuisine is guaranteed and yes what a feeling it would be to have a hot cup of Darjeeling tea early in the chilling morning? So, go and see for yourself when you land in the hill station next time.

   Sunrise view from Tiger Hill is truly an exciting experience as one can see the marvellous beauty of The Kanchan Junga changing its colour with the change in the position of sunrise from early morning till evening. It is truly one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Darjeeling where you will enjoy the perfection with full of joy and excitement.